Product Manager and Full Stack Developer


Currently, I have the pleasure of being a product manager and developer at infoQuant where I manage product deployments, perform full stack software development, produce product documentation and shape the user experience. I enjoy exploring software engineering, graphic design and system design. Most of my professional time is spent working with full stack Java/Kotlin/Angular technology for bioinformatics data management. When not working, I play with microcontrollers, vintage computer/gaming hardware, woodworking and all things radio control. I am the husband to a wonderful wife and father to several spoiled dogs.

You can reach me at GitHub, LinkedIn and online.

Personal Projects

dotSynergy Platform

dotSynergy is a platform providing common functionality such as cms and ...

Markdown Organizer

Markdown Organizer is a simple markdown editor and project manager written...

 Ktor Pebble Template Feature

Ktor Pebble Template Feature integrates the Pebble template engine with ...